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Dr. Thompson—
Her goal throughout the assessment and diagnostic process is to provide parents and educators with a comprehensive understanding of the child's unique patterns of learning strengths and needs. The final report is designed to provide clients with a “road map” to greater success at school, home, and/or the workplace.
Dr. Thompson has extensive training and experience in the assessment of children, adolescents and adults. Further, her prior experience with the school system and as former Director of GMU's Cognitive Assessment Program has provided her with unique insight into various special educational programs, such as: early intervention and preschool services; special education services for school aged children; and the FCPS Advanced Academics Program.
Cognitive Assessment for Private School Placement, Gifted and Talented services, and Advanced Academics Program (AAP) applications:
Testing for admissions to private schools and/or Advance Academics programs usually involves the use of an individually administered test of cognitive ability, such as the Weschler Scales (WISC-V), Stanford-Binet, or the Differential Ability Scale. When testing is completed, you will be provided with a four to five page written report, which will be explained in a separate interpretive conference. Parents who are applying to the AAP program may also receive consultation regarding the application process. Regardless of test results, the goal of the assessment process is to help you understand your child's particular set of strengths and abilities, in order to best identify strategies for meeting your child's needs.
Comprehensive Assessments for the diagnosis of Learning, Attention, and Developmental Concerns:
Comprehensive testing usually occurs over the course of several separate testing sessions. Although testing will vary according to your area of concern, it often involves a comprehensive assessment of cognitive abilities and processes; educational testing; and assessment of social, emotional and behavioral functioning. Dr. Thompson has had training in both conventional and neuropsychological assessment, and evaluates children suspected of having learning or attention disorders; executive functioning deficits; developmental concerns; Autism Spectrum Disorders; and emotional and behavioral disorders. Your written report will contain specific recommendations for any necessary school/testing accommodations, as well as specific, empirically-supported interventions designed to address any identified areas of concern.
Dr. Thompson is available to attend meetings with school personnel, such as eligibility and IEP meetings, for a separate hourly fee.

Preschool and Developmental Assessments:
Developmental Assessments and Kindergarten Readiness Screenings are also available for children ages 2 – 6.